Provide Feedback on A Framework for K-12 Computer Science Education

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.40.44 PMDid you know that there is an initiative to start teaching computer science to every K-12 student? This initiative signals a significant shift in our view of computer science and the importance of computer science in our daily lives. Is it possible that we all need to know something about computer science just to be technologically literate in our current society?

Visit to learn more about the partners and the cause. There is currently A Framework for K12 Computer Science Education that is in the 2nd stage of review. You can give feedback on the current draft before April 5, 2016. I highly recommend that all K-12 educators and district leaders take a moment to download the framework and provide feedback. Click HERE to access and review the draft framework. Click HERE to access a short overview of the initiative with a timeline.


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