Workshop Resources

Clover Park MS Work Session 2/21/17

Examples of 3D Units:

Ideas for anchor phenomena

     Using Phenomena in NGSS Designed Units (STEM Teaching Tool 42)

Bethel SD NGSS Assessment resources

Tool for adding Science & Engineering Practices

Tool for adding Crosscutting Concepts

Oklahoma GEAR UP Documents and Links (Sept & Nov 2016)

Day Two:

HS-NGSA prototype (brief)

Sample Assessment Tasks Gr. 5

Sample NGSS Assessment Tasks Bethel School District:

Harvard Grad Tree Video

Day One:

Analyze OK PE Planning Sheet: analyze-a-pe-for-unit-planning-ok-science

Overview of 3 Dimensions: three-dimensions-of-the-oklahoma-science-standards

OK Science Standards Cheet Sheet: ngss-cheat-sheet-ok-version-colored-text-boxes

NGSS Links

Oklahoma Science Frameworks (great document to support your planning)

Achieve NGSS Site:

NGSS Evidence Statements:

NSTA NGSS Site (contains links to resources):

NGSS Storylines (K-5, MS, & HS exemplars)

Site of NGSS Phenomena Ideas (virtual labs and interactives)


How Wolves Change Rivers

How Science Works

PBS Sea Star Wasting Syndrome

HS Physical Science Modeling Lesson