A Guide for Teaching Field Investigations: NGSS Edition

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.08.50 PMPacific Education Institute recently revised and updated their “Field Investigation Guide” (not the official title- but I’ve always dubbed it this). The Field Investigation Guide has been a powerful resource for helping K-12 teachers to get students outside in their schoolyard doing science. This newest version makes intentional connections to the Three Dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards and has the new subtitle: Using Outdoor Environments to Foster Student Learning of Scientific Practices.

The new NGSS edition contains:

  • An updated Chapter 1 with clear connections between field investigations and the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Question stems for considering the Crosscutting Concepts
  • Scaffolds for engaging in the Science and Engineering Practices outdoors (based on the NGSS evidence statements)
  • Connections to the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) framework for supporting students’ explanations and arguments
  • Example lessons with connections to the 3 Dimensions of NGSS
  • Much more!

You can download this latest version of the Field Investigation Guide for free HERE. To be transparent- I was one of the revision authors. Special thanks to Pacific Education Institute for including me in this work.


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