Outdoor Biology Instructional Strategies (OBIS)

Grab your short-shorts, fluff your mullet, and get ready to “gag me with a spoon”.. because we are about to travel back to a time known as the ’80s.

Sometimes what is old is new again. As is the case with these FREE supplemental elementary life science lessons from The Lawrence Hall of Science’s Outdoor Biology Instructional Strategies (OBIS).


The OBIS site contains:

  • Information and research on OBIS tools
  • Recommendations on how to use the OBIS Folios
  • FREE access to 97 downloadable OBIS Folios- which are concise lesson plans for guiding field investigations and outdoor science activities
In Washington state, our current K-12 science learning standards emphasize moving beyond controlled investigations and promoting field investigations. The OBIS tools are a wonderful supplement for getting students outdoors and being scientific without manipulating variables or doing experiments.
I would love to hear from those of you who have been using these materials successfully with students.

2 responses to “Outdoor Biology Instructional Strategies (OBIS)

  1. Back in the early 70’s I used these materials while serving as “Nature Counselor” at Tacoma YMCA’s Camp Seymour. They were excellent then and continue to be of high value.

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