The Terrible Twos

Two years ago, on July 10, 2009- I wrote my first post to the Science for All blog. My initial goal was to just learn about and immerse myself in the world of blogging… and to see if a blog could be an effective way to share science education resources.

During these two years I’ve had some successes:

  • over 100,000 hits
  • mentions in a couple of important science education periodicals and websites
  • connections with science educators around the country (and world)
  • feedback from science educators that this resource is useful and appreciated
and some challenges:
  • getting science educators in my own region to access and use the resource
  • finding my own voice and purpose of the blog
  • wresting with whether to keep the blog purely as a place for sharing resources or also as a place to express opinions, advocate, and stimulate conversations about science instruction
  • many of the posts/resources that I find to be the most “transformative” are not the posts that get the most “hits”
  • how do I keep making the time to contribute?
  • how to write posts that welcome conversations, interactions, and collaboration?
My hope for the coming year is to continue to share science education resources and to also put a little more of myself- my opinions, my ideas, etc- into the blog. I hope that you won’t find my Terrible Twos to be too terrible.

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