SEED magazine- The Universe in 09

Screen shot 2009-10-17 at 2.31.30 PMI am a big fan of SEED– it is a colorful and slick magazine on science and culture.

SEED has a visual interactive site called the Universe in 09 where you can search top stories from 2009.

You may also like the Evolution of Evolution interactive

Click HERE to see a list of SEED Cribsheets- wonderful 1 page overviews of topics such as: light, exoplanets, elements, photosynthesis, etc. Available as pdf or gif

Applications for Science Teachers: Link an interactive to a classroom blog as a resource or have students read and report on an article for homework. Download and print a Cribsheet as a study guide for students- have students create Cribsheets for other topics using Web 2.0 tools.


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