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Screen shot 2009-10-18 at 11.05.54 AMScience NetLinks is one of those resources I was sure I had blogged about previously. I checked twice just to make sure- and no. This is a huge oversight because Science NetLinks has an abundance of K-12 science supports and it is a site I used frequently as an elementary teacher of science. The site provides standards-aligned lesson plans, interactives, and reviewed internet resources.

Science NetLinks has a thorough Lessons Index that is organized by grade bands and content areas- multiple great lessons for supplementing your existing instructional materials.

The Tools page has several links to reviewed online tools for K-12 science education. I will highlight a few of my favorites in upcoming posts.

Science Updates are 60 second podcasts of current science research. The update lessons contain suggestions for use in K-12 education plus a transcript and supporting resources. Check out Not Dead Yet about Argentinian ants being wrongly carted off for dead.

Follow Science NetLinks on Twitter HERE and on Facebook HERE.

Applications for Science Teachers: Science NetLinks could be used to supplement your instructional materials as you implement standards-based science instruction. Resources are linked to the AAAS Benchmarks.


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