Uncovering Student Ideas in Science

I’m doing professional development with elementary teachers this week and we are spending some time thinking about student (and sometimes adult) misconceptions in science. My PD has centered around formative assessment probes using Uncovering Student Ideas in Science Vol 1-4. I realized that I have not written a specific post about this resource so I decided to remedy that.

Applications for Science Teachers: The assessment probes will provide in depth information into student thinking in a variety of science content areas. The probes are not grade level specific, yet some probes may need to be “tweeked” in order to be used with primary students. Each volume contains 25 probes and the teacher resources following each probe are just as valuable as the probes themselves. I consider this a “must have” resource for every school.

For more formative assessment strategies in science- you may want to check out Science Formative Assessment: 75 Practical Strategies…

5 responses to “Uncovering Student Ideas in Science

  1. There is a new investigatory, inquiry-based ebook that may interest you, Teacher’s Guide to Science Fair Projects. It has 19 lesson plans that help teachers to take all the steps of doing a science fair project, including discovering ideas.

  2. do you know where or if there are actual videos for this book? I was in a district meeting where they showed video of the girl explaining the light in a dark room…

    • The videos you are referring to are available to stream free from learner.org
      The series you want is Minds of Their Own but there are lots of great clips here about student preconceptions in science.
      Hope this helps,

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