BenchFly has a collection of videos of scientists working at the bench. There are mostly clips of protocols and procedures of lab scientists- such as the Technique of the Week: Making a Bacterial Spreader.

The goals of are: Expand scientific learning, provide personal development guide, and reinvent the image of the scientist

Applications for Science Teachers: High School biology teachers and biotech teachers will find the videos useful. I think all teachers of science will find the videos useful for looking at the nature of science, inquiry, and as sources for real scientists talking about their work

See the video below for an overview of Benchfly
Welcome to BenchFly Video Protocol – Video Protocol –

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  1. Hi Kirk,

    Thanks so much for mentioning us! We have a lot of exciting plans for future releases, so keep an eye on us. Please feel free to contact me directly with any feedback or suggestions!

    Thanks again,

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