Picture has many video clips of real scientists discussing their research. The goal of the site is to give a broad range of learners- from elementary to college level- access to cutting edge science. See a video HERE explaining the site.

I found a wonderful clip of female scientists discussing how and why they got into the sciences.

Applications for Science Teachers: This site seems most appropriate for high school and college teachers of science. I’m interested to see how this site evolves. I think the ideas of a postercast and a pubcast can really change the way ideas are shared in science.


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  1. Hi Kirk!

    Thanks for posting about educational tools available to science teachers. I just launched a site called BenchFly ( that aims to support scientists lives in and out of the lab. We’re offering an open access platform for scientists to share tips, tricks and experiments to anyone with an internet connection worldwide. We hope scientists and teachers alike will find it useful in explaining the concepts and techniques critical to becoming a successful scientist!

    Here’s a quick link to our Mission if you’re interested:


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