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The State of State Science Standards 2012

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute recently released a report titled- The State of State Science Standards 2012. The report includes:

  • A grade for each state’s science standards- 2005 and 2012
  • A list of 4 Problems with State Science Standards: An undermining of evolution; A propensity to be vague; Poor integration of scientific inquiry; and a lack of focus on mathematics
  • Report Cards for each state science standards based on A. Content and Rigor B. Clarity and Specificity
  • Appendices: Methods, Criteria, and Grading Metric and Detailed Grades 

Skimming this document- I have the following questions:

– How do the authors see the Next Generation Science Standards playing a role to remedy some of the identified problems and variances between state science standards?

– How do state leaders feel about their grades?

– Does this report lend support to the Next Generation Science Standards effort?

– What other issues exist in science education that may be impacting student achievement in science? Or is it all about finding the perfect set of standards?

Click HERE to download the entire report or individual sections.


Resources for Digging into A Framework for K-12 Science Education

If you have taken the time to read the entire Framework for K-12 Science Education.. then you should be congratulated. However, there are probably many science education stakeholders who would like a Cliff Notes version or a process for digging into the massive document.

Luckily, the brilliant and talented Kim Klinke at the Center for Inquiry Science has created a set of tools that are EXCELLENT for making sense of the document. These tools would be perfect for a session of professional development, working with science education stakeholders, or even for your own independent study of the Framework.

The materials include:

– A Cheat Sheet that provides a clear and concise overview of the framework plus some reflection/planning space Framework Summary

– Physical Science Overview Physical Science Index

– Life Science Overview Life Science Index

– Earth/Space Overview Earth and Space Science Index

– An exploratory activity for digging into 3 themes in the framework document.. could be used for a jigsaw activity Exploratory Activity

– You will probably want a copy of the framework document as well.


STEM Teachers in Professional Learning Communities: From Good Teachers to Great Teaching

The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future partnered with WestEd to create the following report- STEM Teachers in Professional Learning Communities: From Good Teachers to Great Teachers. This 22-page report includes:

– The Six principals of effective learning communities

– The 3 guiding questions: The impact of PLC participation on… a. Teacher content and pedagogical knowledge b. Teacher instructional practices c. Student achievement

– recommends models of STEM PLC support and areas for future research