Film: DamNation | The Problem with Hydropower

Dam Nation: The Problem with Hydropower is a free 90 minute film that discusses the history and impact of dams in the United States. The video highlights the fact that there are 75,000 dams over three feet high in the United States, which is equivalent to building one every day since Thomas Jefferson was the President of the United States. The film also discusses the environmental impact of dams, including their negative impact on salmon runs and water quality. An argument is made by the filmmakers that hydropower cannot be marketed as green energy because of the environmental damage caused by dams. The video also discusses the history of dam failures, including the St. Francis Dam failure in California in 1928, which killed over 400 people. It feels like this film could provide an opportunity to connect with NGSS human impact standards and to also provide an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in an authentic engineering design issue by considering multiple solutions and stakeholders.


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