Book: Teaching Science to English Learners

Teaching Science to English Learners by Stephen Fleenor and Tina Beene is a useful resource for educators seeking to support multilingual learners in their science classrooms. The book provides practical strategies and examples for adapting science lessons to meet the needs of non-native English speakers, with a focus on building students’ language skills and scientific literacy at the same time.

The book is concise (not very long), well-organized, and easy to navigate, with clear explanations and examples of how to modify science instruction for English language learners. The book covers a range of topics, including language development, cultural sensitivity, and instructional approaches, and includes case studies and practical examples throughout.

Teaching Science to English Learners is written for educators at all levels, providing a wealth of information and strategies for supporting English language learners in science classrooms. I appreciate the book for its practicality and relevance, and I find that the strategies and techniques outlined in the book can be easily applied in real-world teaching situations.

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