PEI FREE Online Workshop 6 STEM Clock Hours

During the last decade of working as a consultant one of my favorite partners to collaborate with has been Pacific Education Institute. They provide excellent free materials focused on getting students outside engaging in authentic science and engineering tasks.

There is an opportunity coming up soon to join PEI for an online workshop on Designing Field Investigations.

See information below and click HERE for the registration form. (I wish I wasn’t booked on these days so I could join in!)

Below is information from PEI:

This is a FREE workshop in three components:

  • Jan 11, 4pm – 6pm (ZOOM)
  • Asynchronous Tasks (approximately 2 hours)
  • Jan 25, 4pm – 6pm (ZOOM)

Participants completing all three components will receive 6 Washington State approved STEM clock hours and the opportunity to earn an implementation stipend.


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