Stanford NGSS Assessment Project

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 1.36.00 PMAs we continue to implement the vision of A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards many of us are still seeking examples and models of effective three-dimensional assessment tasks. The Stanford NGSS Assessment Project (aka SNAP) is a great site that provides some of those models and examples. You will find:

You will find assessment bits at multiple grade levels and domains. You will even find assessment tasks for K-4…an area where there is definitely a dearth of examples.

HERE is an instructionally-embedded Kindergarten assessment for PE: Construct an argument supported by evidence for how plants and animals (including humans) can change the environment to meet their needs. (K-ESS2-2) You will find an overview, teacher guide, student task cards, handouts, rubrics and student work samples.

Helen Quinn discussing the project in the embedded video below.

I definitely recommend poking around to find some assessment tasks that might support your work.



One response to “Stanford NGSS Assessment Project

  1. Thank you for sharing this assessment information! These models will be immensely useful as teachers work backwards to strategically plan their instruction towards NGSS Assessment, which is something as a 2nd year Physical Science teacher I’ve struggled with. Since the most effective planning for a teacher usually starts with the creation of standards based assessment, there’s no doubt this tool will help teachers better implement instruction that is geared toward the NGSS standards as a result. Do you have any resources to check out that look at lessons as geared toward this type of assessment?

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