Clime Time: Climate Science Resources

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 5.09.00 PMHere in Washington (the state)- we’ve been digging into the teaching and learning of climate science. Our state budget provided a chunk of money to be used by educational groups around the state to develop tools and deliver professional development for K-12 teachers. To highlight the work from this funding a site called Clime Time has been launched. You will find several resources here and keep checking back because you can expect more to come soon. You will also find links to several Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that have been partners in this work.

HERE is a document with links to LOADS of climate-related educational resources that was curated by friends at the University of Washington Institute for Math & Science Education.


2 responses to “Clime Time: Climate Science Resources

  1. Kirk,

    Thank you for sharing information about the ClimeTime proviso project. We are grateful to the legislature for recognizing that science education needed professional learning funds for our WA educators. The funding supported professional learning for the Next Generation Science Standards with a special “call out” to our NGSS climate science standards. Our regional science coordinators and community based organizations were amazing in bringing 16 project plans to life across the state. We were also amazingly blessed to have support from UW LifeCenter Dr. Phil Bell and Dr. Deb Morrison and gratitude to Dr. Heidi Roop in UW Climate Impacts group.

    Our projects will be uploading resources, tools, and dates for upcoming PD opportunities. Our WA science teachers are incredible and are thanked for taking time from their classrooms to join their colleagues at the various statewide events.

    Our environments are changing and having vetted, current information available to our teachers and students is so important.

    Thank you again, Kirk, for sharing this information.

    PS — we received funding to continue the NGSS/ClimeTime project. Visit the website or contact your local ESD for more information.

  2. science_4_all

    Thanks for adding more detail to the post Ellen- hoping to help amplify the message and get the word out on the Clime Time resources.

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