Learning about the NGSS Online

These online modules will be moving to a new location after the new year. The current platform, MyBrainshark, will be closing down in January 2016… I’ll be posting the new home for these modules in late December 2015

Teachable Moments

In 2014-15, I created a series of FREE online professional development modules on the Next Generation Science Standards. There are 4 modules designed to take about 1 hour each to complete. As we work to increase our understanding of NGSS in the Puyallup Watershed region this might be a useful resource.

Each 60 minute module is interactive and designed to be used by a pair or small group of learners. Modules contain all documents and links needed for engaging professional learning. These online modules are designed to be used by any K-12 teachers, administrators, professional development providers or community members who want to develop an understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards. You may access the individual modules at the links below.

Part 1: Overview of NGSS


Part 2: Science & Engineering Practices


Part 3: Crosscutting Concepts


Part 4: Engineering…

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