Designing High Impact Field Experiences

Teachable Moments

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.23.04 AMPacific Education Institute (PEI) provides many FREE resources to support K-12 teachers in getting students learning outdoors. One of my favorite PEI resources is the Designing High Impact Field Experiences guide. This guide provides tools and resources to guarantee that a “field trip” can become a powerful learning experience for students.

The guide provides the following resources:

  • Tools for planning learning goals and activities
  • Recommendations for building partnerships
  • tools for visiting the field experience site
  • Resources for building “bookend lessons”… lessons before, during, and after the experience
  • Templates and examples of field journals
  • Tools for planning logistics of materials, chaperones, and student safety
  • Resources for evaluating a field experience

To download a FREE pdf of Designing High Impact Field Experiences… click HERE and then complete the information. This is a valuable resource for guiding any successful outdoor learning experience.

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