K-5 Systems Standards: A Handbook

The K-5  Systems Handbook ver 1.1 is my attempt to create one document to raise awareness of systems standards and to support better understanding and teaching of systems ideas.

The K-5 Systems Handbook ver 1.1 contains:

  • a preface describing the importance of systems thinking and the rationale for the handbook
  • an overview of systems standards in national science standard documents, in Washington state science standards, and Washington state Test & Item specs
  • a small set of tools for teaching systems: frameworks, systems questions, 3 sample lessons (including a literacy lesson)
  • an emerging table of opportunities to teach systems within FOSS science kits- (would love to make this more explicit and robust)
  • links to more systems resources online

I’m hoping this will be a helpful starting place for other districts, buildings, and teachers in creating your own Systems Handbook ver 1.1 that meets the needs of your context.  And as always, I would love to hear how you use such a tool and how you have modified it for success.

Also- if you are using this handbook in a professional development setting you may be interested in the Systems Handbook facilitation guide– it’s drafty but at least it’s a starting place.


2 responses to “K-5 Systems Standards: A Handbook

  1. Excellent resource here with all the essential tidbits condensed into one document, what a good idea. I particularly like the rationale “why teach systems” statement at the beginning of the booklet. You make the argument that teaching systems makes sense given our standards and EALR 1. You also make the important point that to be a productive and sustainably minded citizen in the 21st Century systems thinking skills are necessary. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  2. I’m glad you like it.. I hope it will be useful and that other smart folks like yourself will add to it and make it even better 🙂

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