STEM School Critical Compontents

Thanks to Jeff Ryan at Science at the Core for sharing this resource.

As we struggle to understand and come to a common vision of STEM education, Researchers without Borders has created a clear and concise infographic of the critical components of STEM schools. The graphic is arranged by the following categories: School Structure, Educative Supports, Staff Interactions, School Leader Interactions, Student Interactions, Partner Interactions, Teacher Engagement, and Student Engagement.

Each of these categories contains a variety of components that you can click on for more information and are color-coded based on their prevalence in the examined schools. This interactive provides a thoughtful framework for schools and districts wrestling with creating a STEM vision or plan. I also appreciate how this framework pushes us to consider elements of STEM education beyond just project based learning and robotics. See the embedded video below for a description of the components.


One response to “STEM School Critical Compontents

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am also sharing it on my blog,, with a link and credit to your blog. I’m a physics teacher and engineer and am a huge proponent of STEM in school.

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