Project Based Learning Explained by Common Craft

If you are not familiar with Common Craft then leave this silly blog and visit their site now! You will not be disappointed. The Wikis in Plain English is one of my faves.

Embedded below is a clear and engaging explanation of Project Based Learning or PBL (we love our acronyms in education). This video could be useful during professional development, meetings, or any place where educators are considering going down the PBL path.


2 responses to “Project Based Learning Explained by Common Craft

  1. This is a great video, it does a great job of looking at the components of PBL.

    Kurt, have you seen PEI’s new Project-based Learning Model, which is available to teachers to download for free? It just came out, and has information for teachers and student worksheets. Here’s the link, please feel free to share! We’d also love to have your feedback.

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