Uncovering Student Ideas

If you are not familiar with the Uncovering Student Ideas series by Page Kelley, then stop what you are doing and check them out. This ever-growing set of formative assessment probe books will provide a foundational resource to help you uncover and monitor your students’ initial and changing science ideas. Click HERE to see a preview of volume 4.

There is now a web site that supports the Uncovering Student Ideas series! You will find the expected information on how to order books and also some FREE online resources such as:

– Is It An Animal? card sort

– Is It Living? card sort

– sets of student work such as- Talking About Gravity

– crosswalks to summative items in the AAAS Project 2061 Assessment Project– here is an example of a Life Science Crosswalk

– an article describing the formative assessment probes

I cannot recommend these resources highly enough. Simply some of the best transformational resources for K-12 (and above) science instruction.

I’d be interested to hear how other readers have used these tools with students and even adult learners.


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