Science at the Core

There is a new science education blog on the block.. and it’s called Science at the Core. This blog is run by Jeff Ryan, a regional science coordinator in the state of Washington. The blog is just getting started but I plan on adding it to my RSS feed and checking in on more science education related thoughts, tools, and resources. Check it out HERE.

2 responses to “Science at the Core

  1. Hey Kirk-

    Thanks for the mention here- it’s like a blog version of making an appearance on The Tonight Show or David Letterman. I do appreciate the reference and now I need to get my blog house.

    I hope the new work is rewarding.


    • My pleasure 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be borrowing a lot of your post ideas since I”m a little more removed from “the network”
      Hope all is going well at OESD

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