A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods uses a periodic table structure to organize examples of tools and strategies for visualizing:

  • Data
  • Information
  • Concepts
  • Strategies
  • Metaphor
  • Compound visualizations- multiple methods combined
This tool will be useful for teachers of all content areas so please share with your colleagues.

3 responses to “A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

  1. Thanks for this fun and useful resource, Kirk. I’ve seen it one other time and love it! And, the systems thinking ‘geek’ in me has to make a comment that there is NO causal loop diagram listed on here (that I could see, anyway…if there is please point it out)! I suspect the reason is because the group that developed it has British roots (note spelling of ‘organisational map’) where causal loop diagrams are outranked in popularity by ‘rich pictures’ –see 3rd row down, far right column, in lavender.

    This gets us into the different ‘flavors’ of systems thinking around the world, and preference for visualization tools that encourage systems thinking. While I doubt the differences will ever be reconciled, I do appreciate that at least the stock/flow diagram is represented here in the chart. There are, in fact, several visualizations that can help students consider interconnections and changes over time–lots of which are new to me. Just wish the CLD was added in there, too. Thanks again, Kirk, for sharing!

  2. science_4_all

    Thanks Nalani for your thoughts on this resource- I agree that some of the systems thinking tools could be included here

  3. Kathryn Strojan

    Great resource. And good point, Nalani! Have you published the ST book you and Colleen were working on? If so, where can I get it? I’m looking for more effective ways to introduce stock/flow and causal loop diagrams to middle schoolers.

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