Snag Films: Science and Nature Documentaries

Snag Films is a site where teachers can find a variety of documentary films to support all content areas. Science teachers will be happy to know that Snag Films features a Science & Nature section with many full length videos in life science, physical science, and Earth/Space science. Snag Films describes their site below:

SnagFilms is committed to finding the world‘s most compelling documentaries, whether from established heavyweights or first-time filmmakers, and making them available to the wide audience these titles deserve. is a website where you can watch full-length documentary films for free, but we’re also a platform that lets you “snag” a film and put it anywhere on the web. With a library of over 1500 films, and rapidly growing, you’re bound to find films that resonate with your interests. We make it easy for you to find a film that shines a light on a cause you care about. You can then open a virtual movie theater on any web site, so any one can watch your favorite SnagFilms for free.

This is a site to add to your Science Video bookmarks. Check out Carl Sagan’s Cosmos HERE.


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