Effective Science Instruction Report Version 2.0

Just like updates to software, there is an update to the recent report Effective Science Instruction: What Does Research Tell Us?. See the description of the report below:

This brief from the Center on Instruction endeavors to distill the research on science learning to inform a common vision of science instruction and to describe the extent to which K-12 science education currently reflects this vision. A final section on implications for policymakers and science education practitioners describes actions that could integrate the findings from research into science education.

This Second Edition of Effective Science Instruction: What Does Research Tell Us? provides more detailed information for users. In addition to updated examples, it describes the schema theory of learning and how each element plays a role in developing conceptual understanding. The summary section notes the overlap between the elements in science instruction.

I highly recommend that all science educators take a look at this report. I think the 5 Characteristics of Effective Science Instruction will be useful as a framework for thoughtful reflection, common language, and ongoing professional development.


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