Foundation for the Future

The Wheelock College Aspire Institute recently released a strategic report titled- Foundation for the Future: Strengthening STEM Education in the Early Years.

The report is focused on the Boston area but the recommendations seem like a good starting point for many regions and I think the findings will resonate with most readers. The strategic goal-

To significantly increase the number of PreK-6 educators in the greater Boston region who are skilled STEM teachers


  • establish a Greater Boston STEM Educator Consortium to collaboratively pursue goals, practices, and funding for preparing skilled PreK-6 STEM educators
  • elevate the focus on STEM education in PreK-6 teacher education programs
  • provide high quality in-service training to prepare ‘skilled’ PreK-6 STEM educators
  • collaborate with state agencies, school districts and early childhood education providers to strengthen STEM education requirements for PreK-6 educators and to elevate the focus on math and science instruction in PreK-6 education settings
  • strengthen STEM education training for community-based early childhood education providers and out-of-school time providers

These recommendations could be helpful to other regions/states who are pursuing a similar goal of increasing the number of skilled STEM educators in PreK-6.

Click HERE to download a copy of the report with recommendations, action steps, and more.


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