Teaching Invention with Picture Books

1. If you are an elementary school teacher you MUST follow Keith Schoch’s amazing blog- Teach with Picture Books. I’m serious- just stop reading this silly blog and go there right now!

2. Keith recently put together a wonderful post on teaching about invention using picture books. He highlights some resources that consider invention from a variety of cultural perspectives… not just the typical white male perspective. Good stuff!

The Teaching Invention post also provides some links on invention: interactives, games, projects, and more. I will highlight a few of these in some upcoming posts.


One response to “Teaching Invention with Picture Books

  1. Hey, Kirk! Thanks for the mention of my Teach with Picture Books blog. A colleague saw my name here, and I wanted to say thanks. I feel that picture books have a lot to offer teachers and students in the content areas, and I love writing about history and science correlations.

    I’ll definitely send the science-minded folks your way. Keep up the good work!

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