North Cascades & Olympic Science Partnership

I have been remiss in not posting resources from The North Cascades & Olympic Science Partnership before now. This NSF funded project has assembled a wealth of valuable resources for science educators.

I recommend spending some time previewing the entire site- but here are a few highlights:

In the Educator Resources section you will find:

The Summer PD & Academies section (see Summer 2008) has resources and tools to support Curriculum Topic Study, Professional Learning Communities, How People Learn, and Case Studies.

Three Guides you must download and check out are:

1. The Science Classroom Observation Guide

2. The PLC Observation Protocol

3. Supporting Student Success Guide

Click HERE to join NCOSP on Facebook.

Applications for Science Teachers: Most resources on the NCOSP site are designed for use by instructional science coaches, administrators, science TOSA, teacher leaders, or district leaders. Classroom teachers of science who are interested in best practices in science education will find lots of well designed materials to support their work and collaborative practices.




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