The Moon: A Resource Guide

Screen shot 2009-11-14 at 1.00.04 PMWith the recent discovery of significant water on the Moon I’m sure there will be a renewed interest in our favorite satellite.

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has a web-based resource guide on the Moon. The Guide contains:

  • links to science of the Moon, phases, educational activities, and the Moon in popular culture
  • books on observing the Moon, children’s books, and scientific books
  • scientific articles on the Moon

The links section is very helpful, however, I was disappointed that the books section did not have links to Google Books or

Applications for Science Teachers: The Moon: a Resource Guide has a well organized list of resources for any middle school or high school teacher of Earth/Space science. The Education Activities page is especially helpful and contains lessons that could supplement or extend lessons in your existing instructional materials.


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