HippoCampus- Biology & Physics

Screen shot 2009-11-08 at 10.50.50 PMHippoCampus is “your free one-stop educational resource” and their goal is to provide high-quality, multimedia content to support high school and college subjects. HippoCampus has a Biology and a Physics page.

The Biology page contains courses such as: AP Biology 1, AP Biology 2, and Biology for Non-Majors.

The Physics page contains many courses including: multiple AP Physics courses, college prep physics, and introductory physics.

The courses contain simulations and animations that are supported with audio and text. Seems like a great support for students and for any teachers who want to “brush up” on a content area.

Applications for Science Teachers: High school science teachers will find a variety of resources to support student independent study or simulations and animations to use on an interactive whiteboard.



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