Factors Influencing College Science Success

Screen shot 2009-09-06 at 12.30.43 PMThe Factors Influencing College Science Success (FICSS) study was designed to find factors in high school science classes that predict success in college science courses. The study has a wonderful interactive site for learning about the findings of their research. This interactive video approach models the 3 Key findings from How People Learn and presents a rich example of how results from educational research can be presented to educators in a meaningful and engaging way.

To learn more about the FICSS study including: FAQs, a sample survey, and publications- click HERE.

Applications for Science Teachers: Having high school science teachers, TOSAs, instructional coaches, and administrators collaborate to think about the factors and results of the survey is very powerful professional development. The Center for Inquiry Science in Seattle created a FICSS worksheet to facilitate conversation around the findings. This guide is helpful in making meaning of the findings and applying the findings to your context.


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