Brushing up on Science Content

This week I had the honor of working with a fabulous group of elementary school teachers (prek- grade 6). We were extending our understanding of big ideas in science such as matter, energy, and systems. Several teachers requested additional resources for deepening their science content knowledge- so I thought others might find these resources useful as well.

Science for All Americans: a must have for every teacher of science. Click the link to see the FREE online version of the book. This book describes what all scientifically literate citizens should know.

Science Matters: Achieving Scientific Literacy: similar to Science for All Americans, this book provides a nice overview of the big ideas in science

A Short History of Nearly Everything: is not short (at over 500 pages) but it is highly engaging, well-written (by the humorous Bill Bryson), and rich with content. This book is like a science textbook with a soul. One of my favorites.

Stop Faking It: Force and Motion is part of a series of books on different science subjects including: energy, sound, light, etc. The books are written with a humorous voice and the author expects you to conduct some hands-on investigations as you develop your understanding.


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