Adventures of the Agronauts

Picture 8Adventures of the Agronauts– is an online science unit developed at NC State. The unit integrates Earth/Space science, life science, and physical science content as students are challenged to grow plants on the Moon. There are six missions for students to engage with. Each mission contains audio clips, images, printable worksheets, and more to support the learner.

Click HERE to see an Agronauts Site tutorial video for teachers.

Click HERE to see a teachertube video of REAL plant experiments in space.

Applications for Science Teachers: This seems appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students. The site is a good example of how to integrate the three domains of science into one cohesive unit. While I like this site, I am somewhat disappointed by the lack of embedded video clips and other connected resources. Feels a little bit like an online textbook- but I recommend checking it out for yourself.


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