Virtual Meeting: Looking Ahead to the Next Decade of Science Standards

I was just talking with some science leaders about the fact that the NGSS are a decade old and it still feels like we have lots of good work to do in implementing them in equitable and meaningful ways across our educational systems. We also started wondering- will there be a new set of science standards on the horizon? Or maybe NGSS “the Next Generation” (get it)?

Then today I got an email that The Board on Science Education at the National Academies of Science will be hosting a virtual (and face to face) meeting on June 7th titled Looking Ahead to the Next Decade of Science Standards. This feels like great timing to start to set the vision for the next decade in science education. I’m very interested to see what various speakers and panelists have to say.

I quickly registered and hope that others will be able to join in too. (I’m excited about that 6:00am PST start time.)

Click HERE if you want more information and/or to register. See the agenda HERE.


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