NSTA Article: Exploring Phenomena

The recent article “Exploring Phenomena: Connecting Science Learning” from NSTA’s Connected Science Learning journal dives into the importance of connecting science education to real-world phenomena. The article emphasizes that when students investigate and explore natural phenomena, they develop a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and practices. It highlights the significance of incorporating phenomena-based instruction, where students engage in authentic and meaningful investigations that spark curiosity and foster scientific thinking. A video HERE provides a case study of teachers engaged in phenomenon-based investigation at The Exploratorium. The article provides insights into how educators can design and implement phenomena-based lessons, showcasing examples and success stories from classrooms. The authors underscore the value of connecting science learning to phenomena, as it enhances student engagement, promotes inquiry-based learning, and cultivates a deeper appreciation for the natural world. A great piece to add to your phenomena-based science instruction resources.


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