ClimeTime Assessment Project

Here in Washington state we have been lucky to have several years of funding for climate science related educational projects (ClimeTime) such as teacher professional development and science curriculum and assessment work. One of my favorite parts of the ClimeTime work is the set of climate science assessment tasks that ClimeTime provides. You will find a collection of assessment resources that are designed to support teachers in evaluating their students’ understanding of climate science concepts. These assessment resources include pre-assessment surveys, formative assessments, and summative assessments. The site offers a variety of assessment types such as multiple choice, open response, and performance-based assessments, as well as rubrics for scoring student work. The assessments are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and are intended to help teachers identify areas where their students may need additional support or instruction. The website also provides guidance for interpreting assessment results and using them to inform instructional decisions. I have used some of these as example 3D science assessment tasks with my preservice and inservice teachers. Definitely worth adding to your Science Assessment bookmarks. Enjoy!


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