WA State: WCAS Nuts & Bolts Online Workshop 6 Free STEM Clock Hours

The last few months I’ve been trying to attend as many FREE online science-related workshops as I can find. While I’m not currently a classroom teacher I like to maintain my teaching certificate- so like others I’m always on the hunt for clock hours and especially the elusive STEM clock hours.

OSPI is currently offering an asynchronous online workshop worth 6 STEM Clock Hours titled WCAS: Nuts and Bolts. Remember that WCAS stands for Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science…so this workshop helps you to dig into the workings of the science assessment system at grade 5, 8 and 11. In the course, you look closely at foundational NGSS documents, examine the Test & Item Specs and analyze online assessment items. I would highly recommend this workshop to any teacher of science and especially anyone who might be interested in future work on one of the many committees to support development of items for the WCAS.

Click HERE for more information and to sign up on PD Enroller and click HERE to access the Moodle Course.


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