NGSS EQuIP Rubric version 3.0

As many of you know, the NGSS EQuIP Rubric is a tool for assessing and providing feedback on the three-dimensional design of science lessons and units of instruction. These lessons and units might be from a publisher or teacher-created.

Whether you are new to the world of the NGSS EQuIP Rubric or you are a veteran user, it is important to know that version 3.0 of this tool was recently released. This latest version has some key revisions:

  • Scoring Guides to provide numerical evaluations in the 3 categories
  • Language changes from “alignment” to “design”
  • Specific names for Category I, II, and III to facilitate easier group discussion

Click HERE to download the full list of 3.0 revisions.

Click HERE to access NGSS EQuIP Rubric 3.0 and see other upcoming support documents.


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