NGSS Classroom Posters

NGSS-posters_grayAn important step toward the implementation of the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards is to be intentional about teaching the 3 Dimensions of the NGSS:

  • The Science & Engineering Practices
  • The Crosscutting Concepts
  • The Disciplinary Core Ideas

Sometimes as teachers and students we need a public reminder of what we are trying to implement. Project Neuron at the University of Illinois has a nicely formatted set of small posters on the 3 Dimensions of the NGSS that can be printed off and used in the classroom. There are 2 versions of the posters- sets with subtitles and sets with just the names of the SEPs, CCCs and DCIs. Click HERE to see the posters.



One response to “NGSS Classroom Posters

  1. Hey Kirk, thanks for sharing! The posters are awesome! As I work to become more intentional about teaching the three dimensions, and boy do I need to work on it, I totally agree that we need to share our shift with the public. My current curriculum doesn’t align easily with the NGSS so as we struggle to adapt what we have until aligned curriculum becomes available we need to educate our parents and community. STEM is key and anything I can share with parents that I don’t have to create is awesome! 🙂

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