Elementary and Middle School NGSS Evidence Statements Released

Well it feels like it’s been a long time coming, but the elementary and middle school NGSS evidence statements are finally available (after months of Coming Soon! listed on the site.). Now it’s quite possible that I’m one of the only people excited about this…but I hope not!

The evidence statements provide clearly defined expectations for what a student might do to demonstrate proficiency at a given performance expectation. It has been very helpful to have the evidence statements at High School but having them at K-8 will be a huge benefit to curriculum writers, PD providers, district leaders and teachers who are looking to take another step forward in implementing NGSS next school year.

You can find the K-5 NGSS Evidence Statements HERE and the Middle School NGSS Evidence Statements HERE. Also, make sure and read over the Executive Summary and the Introduction and Overview so you have a solid understanding of the purpose of the evidence statements and how to use them most effectively.

I’m interested to hear how folks plan on using this new tool for planning 3 Dimensional learning opportunities for K-8 students.


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