The Many Ways to Read the NGSS

You may have noticed that there are lots of different platforms and ways to read and interact with the Next Generation Science Standards. I want to highlight a few options below just in case you like to have options.

1. The Next Generation Science Standards website– within this site there are actually multiple ways of viewing the standards:

  • Download as a pdf (easy to print or read on a tablet)
  • View online (this gives you hyperlinks to other disciplinary core ideas and also to the Common Core State Standards.. not to mention the multiple tools for highlighting the practices, DCIs, and crosscutting concepts within the performance expectations
  • Performance Expectation Search Tool; this makes it easy to search by grade, practice, DCI, & crosscutting concepts and to view individual performance expectations (this is one of my favorite tools)
  • NGSS Appendices: I worry that we are not paying enough attention to the resources in the Appendices. These should be required reading before actually digging into the performance expectations

2. National Science Teachers Association NGSS Hub

  • Access the same standards with a different look– NSTA has all of the same content as the official NGSS site but the layout seems to be a little more clear and easier to look at. This is just my opinion of course.. but at least you have this option. These pages will also have connections to resources and lesson tools in the near future.
  • A boatload of NGSS resources (articles, webinars, videos, and much more!)

3. Mastery Connect NGSS App

4. NGSS Hardcopy

  • I have to admit this is probably my least favorite way of reading the standards. The layout of the pages is not my favorite and I don’t like that the Appendices are in a separate volume. I have also found that the spiral binding of this hasn’t been very resilient. If you want a hardcopy I would recommend downloading the NGSS pdfs, select the exact pages you need and have them professionally printed and bound.

Let me know if there are other tools for reading the NGSS and I will share.



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