NGSS: State Science Education Standards Comparison Tool

As we are waiting patiently for several Next Generation Science Standards resources (Sample Classroom Assessment Tasks, Evidence Statements, etc) to be posted on the NGSS site- we recently received the State Science Education Standards Comparison Tool. I haven’t spent more than a few minutes with this, but it seems to help the field very thoughtfully compare existing state science standards to the NGSS. I’m interested to hear what others think of this and how they plan to use the tool… especially in states that have already adopted the NGSS.


One response to “NGSS: State Science Education Standards Comparison Tool

  1. I was not a big fan – felt like it would result in the generation of a lot more work that was marginally useful. Seems to me we either adopt the standards or we don’t – not sure how useful it is to translate one set into another. Maybe I am missing the point.

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