Moving Forward: State Engagement with the Next Generation Science Standards

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 10.26.35 AMThe Hunt Institute recently released a report titled: Moving Forward- State Engagement with the Next Generation Science Standards. The report features cases studies from 4 states- Rhode Island, California, North Carolina, and Minnesota. All 4 states were Lead Partner States in the NGSS development, however, each state has a different story regarding adoption and implementation. This is a short report but does give some insight into the different NGSS paths taken by a variety of states.


2 responses to “Moving Forward: State Engagement with the Next Generation Science Standards

  1. Charlene Vermilion - KSD

    Speaking of state adoption, I am working on a matrix for the staff at my elementary school to support their work with science instruction. I want lessons to be NGSS based but am having trouble finding lesson plan ideas for each grade level. I want the lessons to have the 5E’s embedded in them. Can you recommend a resource/website?

    • science_4_all

      This resource does not exist yet. The NGSS are going to push the system and there is currently no set of NGSS aligned lessons. I think there are lots of groups around the country engaged in this type of work this summer. This is all very new and in order to do this work correctly we will need to design some new lessons, test them out, and then revise based on interactions with students. Sorry this doesn’t exactly answer your question. I think the best area to start with is to focus on the Science & Engineering Practices with a focus on Practices 6 &7- explanation and argumentation… also providing some learning about engineering design would be useful

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