2014 NGSS Annual Leadership Meeting- Materials

I find that it is difficult to know when new materials have been added to the NGSS site (Nextgenscience.org) so I’ll try to help send notifications through the Science for All blog. There have been some recent additions that might be helpful to us as we plan for implementation and teacher professional development.

Recently the first NGSS Annual Meeting for State Leadership Teams and National Partners was held in Atlanta, Georgia. You can find the presentation materials HERE. With so many unanswered science assessment questions lingering I’ve been spending some time perusing the following slides:

You will also find presentations from multiple state partners on subjects ranging from professional development to instructional materials. Hope this is helpful.



2 responses to “2014 NGSS Annual Leadership Meeting- Materials

  1. Including presentation resources from WA’s own Ellen Ebert and Peggy Wilcuts. California’s work on Middle School NGSS learning progressions is really thoughtful and instructive. I feel very lucky that we have partner states to work with as we all come to learn about NGSS!

    • science_4_all

      Thanks BJ for the “shout out” to Ellen and Peggy and the key resources from our friends to the south 🙂

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