NGSS for Today’s Students and Tomorrow’s Workforce

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 4.02.08 PMThe UW Institute for Science & Math Education recently posted a video of Dr. Philip Bell presenting at the 2013 UW Summit on K-12 Science Education.

The presentation is a clear 20 minute overview of the Three Dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards from a contributing author of the Framework for K-12 Science Education.  This could be a great addition to your summer reading (watching) list. I recommend spending some extra time thinking about the slides at:

  • 9:07 (2 major goals of Framework)
  • 9:40 (Attending to Diversity and Equity)
  • 13:00 (Why Focus on Disciplinary Practices?)
  • 17:17 (Cascade of Practices)
  • 19:10 (Synergy across Standards)
  • 19:40 (What you can do to support implementation)

Click HERE if you cannot see the embedded video below.


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