Concord Consortium: Find Your Path Through the NGSS

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.24.15 PMConcord Consortium has a variety of excellent online interactives and simulations for K-12 science education. Concord Consortium also has a dashboard for using the Three Dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards (Practices of Science and Engineering, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas) to select interactives. I highly recommend checking out the dashboard and the resources. Click HERE to get started with interacting with the Three Dimensions of the NGSS. Engaging with the dashboard is not only a helpful way of finding resources but also helps to illustrate how the dimensions of the NGSS might work together in instructional tools.

You will also find a cool printable “NGSS Fortune Teller” as a way to use a different form of technology to interact with these ideas.


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