Next Generation Science Standards PD Documents

Last week I facilitated a short session on the Next Generation Science Standards for middle school and high school science teachers. I created a couple of documents that might be of interest to anyone leading an NGSS workshop or a PLC in their building.

Truths about NGSS– You can use this to uncover what participants already know about the NGSS. Good conversation starter and includes background information.

Preparing for the NGSS Guide– this short facilitation guide provides a scaffold for supporting a team of teachers through thinking and learning about the NGSS and how they might start to implement some components of NGSS even before the actual standards are released… I would probably add a section on implementing English Language Arts Common Core State Standards in the content area of science as another choice.

NGSS Overview from Okhee Lee Spring 2011- these are the slides used by Okhee Lee at the WABE conference last spring.. lots of good slides that could be used to discuss not only the NGSS but also equity and language.

You may also be interested in this Myths & Truths about CCSS probe I created. Best used at the beginning of a workshop, meeting, etc to uncover and clarify existing ideas about the Common Core State Standards.

Enjoy- and please share back any improvements you make to these documents.

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