Science Talk Report Card- Benchfly

First of all, if you teach science then you should really visit Benchfly. If you work in a lab or are a graduate student in any lab science, then I’m sure you already know about Benchfly 🙂

Benchfly is a FREE video platform for sharing video tips, protocols, etc on common lab science practices. The Benchfly Blog is beautifully eclectic and while it contains some references to mature topics- it paints a compelling picture of the nature of science. The most recent blog post features The Scientific Talk Report Card. See image below.  Might be cool to show high school students that even real lab scientists seek feedback on their presentations.

For an example of a Video Protocol, see Pouring an Agarose Gel.


One response to “Science Talk Report Card- Benchfly

  1. Hey Kirk, thanks for the kind words about BenchFly – we love seeing teachers on the site! Maybe we need to come up with a teacher version of the above report card – or better yet, maybe a student version that allows them to review the teacher?


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