How to Use a Paper Towel

This TED Talk- How to Use a Paper Towel- provides a useful solution for our paper towel problem (the one where we are using way too many paper towels). This video may not seem like it has a strong science connection- but I think it provides a very clear solution to an authentic human problem (technological design process). Plus, you probably won’t think about drying your hands the same way again.. shake… fold.


One response to “How to Use a Paper Towel

  1. I am going into my first year of teaching, and i will be teaching 8th grade science. I am super excited about teaching science because I love just about EVERYTHING having to do with science! I have heard of “Ted Talks” but I’ve never seen one myself. It was very enjoyable for me to watch, and even though it was only about a 4 minute lesson I learned so much! It really taught me that through engagement of the audience, and discussing relevant topics I can teach my students about science (i.e. conservation of natural resources). Thanks for posting this video. I will be looking for more “Ted Talks” for lesson ideas!

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